The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen

This week its the Little Red Hen, who is baking a loaf of bread with no help from her farmyard friends. Here are a few ideas to link to this week’s story:

Art, crafts and play:

* We will probably use this as an excuse to plant a few more seeds!

* And maybe I’ll see if we can hang a bit of a baking activity on the story too!

* Plus maybe a few farmyard crafts – here’s one of those incredible blog posts with a slightly overwhelming 45 different activities to try linked to the farm –


* Here are some songs and rhymes from BBC learning to go with this story – 

* Bert and Ernie tell the the story (9 minutes long) – it’s a YouTube video but audio only –


* Aah Cosmic Yoga ‘for little ones’ has a farm based yoga story adventure:


* Here’s a story book reading of the tale – (8 minutes)

* Bit surrealist – this video shows dogs making homemade bread on Sesame Street (2 minutes) – 

* On a chicken theme – this is the Sesame Street safety chickens… 

* Numberblocks – chicken house song – (2 minutes) 

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