Magic Porridge

The Magic Porridge Pot

This is the story of two sisters who are entrusted with a magic porridge pot – lots of stirring and gloopy golden porridge! Here are a few ideas for activities, linked to this story, in lockdown in Becky’s house we really went to town with these porridge based activities, and the porridge tasting platter was a GREAT hit! 


  • Can you make a magic porridge? Maybe by gathering twigs, leaves and mud in the garden and mixing up! 
  • If you’re real porridge fans, how about you mix your normal porridge up to make it magical? We tried a porridge platter, with bowls of porridge ready for breakfast with different ‘magical’ toppings to experiment with what’s our favourite – we tried peanut butter, fruit, nuts but – would you believe it – chocolate spread was the winner 😂
  • You could make a good ‘porridge oats’ sensory play with jugs and cups to pour, small toys and houses to bury in it (like in the village in the story you can bury them!) 

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