School, nursery and arts centre visits

We love visiting schools and can adapt our wide range of stories to suit children in nursery, reception, KS1 and KS2, as well as family events (and we are experienced in both mainstream and SEND settings)  

We’ll come to you for a half day or full day, bringing our cello, ukulele, props and puppets and weaving them into a magical, inspiring storytelling session, that ties into your classes topics and interests, and we’ll provide resources and recordings you can use long after our visit! You can choose from our vast range of over 70 different stories and themes (find the full list here) so we’re sure to have something that fits with your topic or theme. We’re also happy to arrange more regular visits and love becoming a ‘friend’ or regular visitor to your school

What does it cost?
A half day visit  (3 hours) within London Zones 1-3  costs £220 as a one off, or £170 if you are in our local area (SE26, SE23, SE6 and SE15). If you would like to set up more regular visits, we charge £170 per half day visit if we’re coming to you at least 3 times in a term. It’s up to you how you structure the time, we’ll often visit three individual classes for 40 minutes each, but we can do shorter sessions for more children. 

If you’d like us for a full day, we’re £330 (or £270 if scheduling in regular visits or if you’re very local) for the full school day (5 hours delivery across 6 hours so there’s time for a lunch break!), and again we can plan the timetable as works for you (and we can tailor the timings to offer a twilight CPD for teachers)

If budget is an issue, we hugely understand the funding crisis in schools at the moment, and are very keen to make sure our work is accessible as possible,  so where we can we can occasionally offer a subsidised rate for state schools – particularly if you have some flexibility about dates – and we’re also happy to be named in funding applications and provide any information you require. Do get in touch as we’re always keen to find a way to make things work.  

We have a large repertoire of stories for you to choose from, and can often suggest stories that are a good fit for a topic. If you’d like us to plan a new bespoke story to tie in with a specific theme or event, we charge an additional planning rate of £200. 

What do you do?
We are very open to structure the visit as suits you best, but our usual offering is to split our time and visit a number of different classes and groups. We can visit classes individually or do assemblies. In smaller groups we can be more workshop based and interactive, but we are also happy to do more ‘performance’ based sessions.

Children in nursery and reception: 
We’ll do an interactive session – we’d generally recommend a maximum of 30 minutes for nursery and 35 for reception, giving the children a chance to listen and get to know our cello and ukulele, but also a chance to be hands on with musical instruments and lots of chance to move and dance. We can do a ‘carpet’ time session, but also are happy to integrate into your setting in a more play based, child lead format.

Children in year one and two: 
We’ll often tell a story that ties in with your classroom topic – we love exploring traditional tales, ‘twisted fairytales’ and stories and songs from another culture. We can do a carpet session in the classroom, or use a hall, and would suggest a maximum of 40 minutes. The session will usually include some movement, singing and dance from the children. 

Children in year three and four:
Here we tend to delve deeper into the story itself, using ideas from the children and using more sophisticated language and tales. 

How do I book? 
You can browse availability below and book a session using our Calendly app. We will then be in touch to firm up details, and happy to chat through any questions. Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you a google form for full details – your booking isn’t confirmed until we’ve received this from you, and if we don’t hear back from you within 5 working days, the date will be released. 

You can choose a tale from our vast story library, or we can discuss with you any stories that might be appropriate for your themes, and we will tailor our delivery to be appropriate your group age and size.  

In addition to the story session, you will have access to:

  • Photocopiable resource pack  for use in class, linked to the story we tell.
  • A CD and digital download of Beanstalk Arts songs, plus printable colouring resources.
  • Access to our digital archive of video and audio stories