School, nursery and arts centre visits

Yes! Becky and Martha can do school and nursery visits!

We are offering our musical storytelling sessions and CPD to schools that support and enrich children’s school experiences whilst assisting with the delivery of curriculum. Our work aims to support teachers and school staff with resources for stories and music in the classroom. These visits are suitable for EYFS and KS1 classrooms, and we also have experience working with SEND settings. 

This part of our website is under construction, so we’ll be adding lots more information about our schools visits over the next few weeks, but our diaries are open and we are taking bookings for the spring and summer terms for visits of a single hour, a half day (up to 3 hours) or a full day immersed in the school. We can also do a ‘virtual’ visit to your classroom via Zoom.

Email us at to make an enquiry about a visit 

You can choose a tale from our vast story library, or we can discuss with you any stories that might be appropriate for your themes, and we will tailor our delivery to be appropriate your group age and size. Our usual model is that we offer an interactive c. 30-40 minute storytelling session that engages students, introduces live cello, ukulele and singing, ties into your class themes and explores a story. However, we can structure the visit as suits you best – we  can visit classes individually or do assemblies. In smaller groups we can be more workshop based and interactive, but we are also happy to do more ‘performance’ based sessions.

In addition to the story session, you will have access to:

  • Follow on printable resource packs for use in class, linked to the story we tell, created by a trained teacher.
  • A CD and digital download of Beanstalk Arts songs, plus printable colouring resources.
  • Access to our digital archive of video and audio stories

What does it cost?
Our baseline rates for one real life practitioner visit to schools and centres within London Zones 1-4 are:

  • 1 hour: £100
  • Half day (up to 3 hours): £180
  • Full day (up to 6 hours): £280

For virtual ‘Zoom’ visits our rate is:

  • 1 hour: £60
  • Half day (up to 3 hours): £120

If you would like to form an ongoing relationship of regular visits, or a blended virtual and real life visits, we have a few spaces for Beanstalk Arts to become become a ‘friend’ of your school, more information about this coming soon.

For special commissions there will be an additional project development fee *but* we have a vast number of stories already in our ever growing repertoire, so do feel free to check if we might have a story already that might work with your topic. 

We have some availability for Spring and Summer 2022 – please get in touch with Becky and Martha at and we’d love to chat with you more and get you booked in!