Ukulele Groups for Kids!

We are BACK with real life beginners level 1 uke groups starting back in person in September 2021! 

Real life classes…

…are taught by Becky and Martha from Beanstalk Arts, they are joyful, musicianship based lessons, full of movement, singing, improvisation and fun, with heaps of music theory snuck in, and of course some ukulele skills along the way! In September we have level 1 classes running, if you’re interested in more advanced classes, you can join our level 3 and 4 online self-paced course (coming live soon), and email Becky to put on the waiting list for real life sessions (they’ll be in the calendar from January at the latest!). See the full list of classes and booking form below. 

Level one classes are a ten week term for total beginners, starting on the 27th September:
Tuesdays: 4pm at Holy Trinity Sydenham with Becky
Thursdays: 4pm and 5pm at Holy Trinity Sydenham with Martha
Fridays: 5pm at Becky’s Music Room (near Sydenham Library) with Becky 

The course is £90 and you can pay up front or in monthly instalments. 

What age are they for and how many children in each group?

These sessions are for children in reception and above – they are playful, joyful sessions with a maximum of 8 kids in our Holy Trinity classes, and 6 kids in our home music room sessions. 

Is any musical experience required?

Nope! But you will require a ukulele (you can buy or borrow one as part of your sign up). If your child already has some experience playing, or if you’ve recently done our online course, you may find level 2 or 3 works better, so get in touch to have a chat about this! 

We’ve recently done your online course, what level should we do?

The online course covers all the content for level 1 and 2, but without the group work, composition and improvisation! If you’ve completed the online course recently and your child is SUPER confident, you can go straight into level 3. If they remember the basics, but it’s been a wee while, go for level 2, and if it’s a distant lockdown memory, it might not hurt to go back to level 1! 

What do the levels mean?

The ‘levels’ are a new system to help organise the groups, each 10 week course being a ‘level’. Our self paced online beginners course contains all the content for level 1 and 2 – we spread this out longer in our real life classes so that we have lots of time for composing, improvising, rehearsing and to do a little open class at the end. Take a peek at the graphics above for a more detailed description of the levels, and get in touch with any questions about this! 

Are there exams? 

Not in this syllabus! But we will do an ‘open rehearsal’ in the last session of term when grown ups are invited to come and watch, and everyone will get a badge at the end of each level to show they have completed this! 

How much practice do we need to do? 

The perennial music teaching question! You’ll get links to a few videos (the same as on our online self paced course) and song sheets, and we hope your kids will be inspired to practice a bit at hone! As with all music learning, they will get out more, the more they play. BUT I’m a mum and a realist, and for many kids this is their first step into musical instrument learning, so please don’t worry too much. I’d advise leaving the ukulele out in an accessible place so they can pick it up regularly – little and often is the key! 

What about your online course? 

Our online beginner’s ukulele course contains all the material for our level 1 and 2 course, perfect for little ones age five and up that are showing an interest in music, or maybe just need something to tempt them away from jumping on the sofa for the rest of the summer and beyond! I’ve heard lots of reports of families taking part in this course together, and at the end you can zoom in with Becky and get a badge and certificate! If you’re further afield, you can…

Preview and sign up for this course here