Online ukulele lessons and jams for grown ups

Join us for our fun, inclusive online lessons for grown ups with these ukulele classes from Becky at Beanstalk Arts! Born in lockdown, these sessions have been so joyful, that we’ll be continuing these zoom lessons beyond, but with the aim of adding a few real life meet ups in the calendar too alongside our online classes.   You can sign up up to join us live in the zoom classes or opt to join us on ‘recordings only’ to do the course in your own time, and every week you’ll receive all song sheets and a recording of the class. 

All sessions listed below are are interactive, zoom sessions, using a variety of repertoire from George Michael to Dolly Parton, passing via George Ezra and Mark Ronson, plus a few classic kids songs and Beatles numbers in the mix! Song sheets and chord diagrams all included, you’ll get recordings of the class to catch up on if you miss a session (or you can opt to get ‘recordings only’ and take the course in your own time!). 


Beginners Course:

This joyful, relaxed and energising five week course takes you from total ukulele newbie – with no musical or ukulele experienced required – to confidently playing at least 4 chords and together we’ll be strumming and singing some fab songs! You’ll have a chance to learn and play along with your teacher Becky, ask questions and we’ll cover different ways of strumming and playing, and a wide range of repertoire of music. All song and chord sheets are included, and you can join us live or catch up on the recordings after the live class each week.

Songs covered in this beginner course include rocking along to Faith by George Michael, the classic Blue Moon, a very useful arrangement Happy Birthday, the slightly dystopian ditty Bad Moon Rising and a joyful jam to Uptown Funk, among lots of others (and requests are very welcome)

Next courses: 
Thursday evenings: 8.30pm from the 17th June onwards 

Intermediate Course Part One:
Picking up from where the beginner’s course end, this course is for students who’ve done the first course, or just are coming with some existing ukulele knowledge! We’ll start off by reminding ourselves of G, C, F and Dm, and then go on to cover D major, Emajor and E7, and have lots of fun playing through a diverse range of repertoire including songs by Jessie J, Britney Spears, Stealer’s Wheel and even the odd sea shanty! 

Next courses: 
Fridays afternoons – 3pm from the 18th June onwards

Intermediate Course Part Two
Picking up from where the first intermediate course ends, or great if you already have some existing ukulele knowledge! We’ll start off by reminding ourselves of G, C, F, Dm, D major, Emajor and E7, we’ll go on to work on Bb, barre chords and a few other chord shapes and ukulele tips and tricks! 

Next courses: 
Tuesday evenings: 8.30pm from the 15th June onwards

CPD for teachers: ‘Bright Sparks Ukulele’ 
This course is run by Becky from Beanstalk Arts with teacher, song writer and multi instrumentalist Steve Grocott and is aimed at early years music practitioners and teachers. Over this four week course we’ll cover ukulele basics by using repertoire and songs from Steve’s acclaimed Bright Sparks series of CDs and songbooks, and we’ll discuss practical ways of using the ukulele within your teaching. 

Next courses: 
No current courses planned, but we’ll be back soon! You can purchase recordings and song sheets from our last course here. 


These are informal, fun ukulele playalongs – currently on zoom, but with the aim of getting some real life sessions in too! Some ukulele knowledge will be assumed, but we’ll include a few top tips and memory joggers on how to approach certain chords and strums, but most time will be spent playing through the songs together! Every session we’ll have songs on a different theme, starting with simple songs, moving onto more complicated chords and transitions, and always finishing with a big singalong classic.

You can join in at your own level, and because you’re on zoom and muted during the songs, you can sing and play to your absolute heart’s content, with Becky ready to answer any questions along the way! It’s a perfect way to get your ukulele practice in a fun, informal session with a friendly group 😀 You’ll be sent all the song sheets and chords in advance, and your song suggestions are VERY welcome

Monthly Grown Up Ukulele Jam:
£8 to PAYG or discount for a block

Our next dates for grown up jams are below – you’ll get a song book and Spotify playlist the day or so before, we’re revisiting the decades again, but with some new songs! 

Tuesday 18th May: Dancing Songs

Tuesday 25th May: Journeys

Friday 4th June: 1960s

Friday 2nd July: 1970s

Friday 30th July: 1980s

Early Years Practitioner Jam:

For these sessions we’ll be focussing on songs that might be useful in early years classes (and a few extras for fun!). The session is welcome to all, and parents looking for songs to play with their kids are also super welcome to join the group. We don’t have any dates in the diary at the moment for these sessions, but hope to bring them back soon! 

I can honestly say the ukelele classes have been a revelation for me. My mood is always lifted for the rest of the day when I've had a class - they are such fun, and a real tonic from lockdown/childcare monotony. I have been truly amazed at how many great sounding tunes we have managed to learn in such a short time - that are fun for me to play and sing, but also entertaining for my little girl. Even from the very first day! Learning the different strumming and plucking techniques in particular is something which would be hard to pick up from a book (plus it just wouldn't be as fun). I'm looking forward to progressing to new heights in ukelele playing moving to your intermediate classes and have been gushingly telling all my friends that they should try it. Thanks Becky for inspiring me to play a musical instrument again. Everyone needs music in their life - and now probably more than ever!

Meg, Beginner Course participant, Spring 2021