This week we’re diving into the underworld to rescue Persephone from Hades! A classic Greek myth with some interesting imagery and symbolism…


Ignoring the slightly out of age range themes going on in this complicated myth (?!) there are lots of wonderful references to the seasons, fruit and harvest and seeds! We’re rolling with that anyway….

If you have any of the following you could do some playing around your house to the tune of…

Seeds – find seeds in fruit, outside – plant them/eat them/make collages with them – or messy play with them?

Fruits – counting, shopping lists, The Shopping  Basket – John Burningham 

Seasons – sensory play around the seasons – ice/water/dry leaves 


There is all sorts of wonderful music about the weather and the seasons. Have a dance, listen, draw along to, sing along to all this lovely music… and what more can you find?!

Vivaldi – Seasons (Summer, Storm)

Judith Weir – Welcome Arrival of Rain

Jimmy Cliff – I Can See Clearly Now – singalong!

The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun


Comparing seasons using paintings:

Fruit observational drawings

Flower finger painting:


Hercules! (The Disney movie…) Amazing Greek story – and some of the familiar Gods, not to mention excellent music…  

Start off by having a boogie and singalong to this 90s Disney classic…



Up in the Clouds – Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Educational (for slightly older kids…)

Find out all about Ancient Greece and Greek Myths…

Can you make a fact file about your favourite God, creature, characters…?

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