Five Little Ducks

Five Little Ducks

Less a traditional tale this one, but a story based on the ‘five little ducks went swimming one day’ nursery rhyme, as we explore where the ducks might have gone…


  • Make  a ‘pond’ based play tray for some good old fashioned water play. If you don’t have many rubber ducks to float on it, you could see  if you could try to make some sort of DIY ‘hook a duck’ game  – I’m thinking print out and float them on milk bottle tops in the water with pipe cleaner hooks…

Arts and crafts: 




  • Less active really – this is a cosmic yoga 5 minute ‘zen den’ meditation video – ‘be the pond’ is my tenuous link to the theme as it’s a way of imagining our feelings, but actually it’s a lovely short meditation, lovely to do just before teatime.

Educational (probably best for slightly older kids):

  • Can you write your own version for where the ducks may have gone? You could also make a LOST poster and describe the ducks. 
  • DUCKS: Lots of duck related bits and bobs on twinkl too…

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