The Kangaroo’s Pouch

How the Kangaroo got her Pouch

This week we’ll be heading off to Australia for the story of how the kangaroo got her pouch, featuring a young Joey who just INSISTS on being carried all the time… 

Here are some ideas linked to the story..


  • Have you got any balloons? or tennis balls? You could  have some kangaroo hopping time trials around the house – good exercise too!
  • Mak some pouches for your stuffed animal toys.
  • This Australian animal movement dice might be simple fun:

Arts and crafts: 




Educational (probably best for slightly older kids):

  • Do a search for Australia on Twinkl for resources galore! 
  • Also, I love a good ‘why something is the way it is’ story – can you write one yourself? Why does a dog wag it’s tale? Why does a cat meow? How did the hamster get such big cheeks? 

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