How the Animals Got Their Tails

How the Animals got their Tails

Have you ever wondered how the animals got their tails? And why the guinea pig hasn’t got one…?


  • Can you make tails for any of your soft toys which don’t have one?
  • Have a go at your own version of “pin the tail on the donkey” – draw your animal and  do some blindfolded ‘drawing’ on a tail….

Arts and crafts: 

  • Tail making! Can you make yourselves tails using whatever you have at home?
  • You could make yourself a pet guinea pig…


This week we’re recommending some fantastic music classes from Mimi’s Maestro’s – – we’re not affiliated in anyway, but we love her sessions and think you will too! 




  • ‘Animals with tails’ feels like an easy win of a reading basket for a bit of post-lunch reading! 


– You can hop like the rabbit, scuttle like a guinea pig and see what else you can muster up in an animal/cardio circuit workout!

  • You could shake your tails and do some dancing along to your favourite tunes too. 


Educational (probably best for slightly older kids):

  • Search for ‘guinea pig’ on twinkl and you’ll find some reading comprehension on guinea pig care, fact files and some guinea pig themed subtraction resources…

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