Month: October 2021

Hilda the Hedgehog

Hilda the Hedgehog W/C: 1st November This week in our classes, we have the tale of a young Hedgehog who refuses to listen to her family when they tell her it’s time for hibernation; instead of sleeping, she heads off on an adventure in the woodland (turns out her mum is right in the […]

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The Stonecutter’s Wish

Stonecutter’s Wishes This week the wonderful Martha has been researching some ideas and activities linked to the story in classes! This is a Japanese folktale about a humble stonecutter who seeks to gain riches and power, but later learns what it takes to be truly happy with the help of the mountain spirit…  Play: The […]

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Derek the Dragon – Story Ideas

Derek the Dragon – 4th – 8th Oct 2021 This week’s story is an original Beanstalk Arts tale, with a story of friendship between two unlikely characters –  the book loving Prince Hanif, and the vegetarian dragon, Derek! Hanif was always more interested in dusty old magic books than jousting and polishing his armour, but […]

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