The Stonecutter’s Wish

Stonecutter’s Wishes

This week the wonderful Martha has been researching some ideas and activities linked to the story in classes! This is a Japanese folktale about a humble stonecutter who seeks to gain riches and power, but later learns what it takes to be truly happy with the help of the mountain spirit… 


  • The weather! This story has extremes of scorching sunshine and storms and tempests – can you make a storm soundscape with body percussion? (thunder… lightning… light rain… heavy rain…winds…) How will the storm start and stop?
  • What is the weather like today? Can you do a weather forecast? You could make a poster with symbols, or make a video! 

Arts and crafts:


  • The world of music has some pretty good emulations of storms and tempestuous weather extremes and songs celebrating the world in all its many forms… here are some of our favourites…
  1. The Welcome Arrival of Rain – Judith Weir – The Welcome Arrival of Rain
  2. The Storm from Summer – Antonio Vivaldi  – Antonio Vivaldi – Summer thunderstorm “The Four Seasons”
  3. The Storm – Pytor Tchaikovsky – Tchaikovsky: Overture The Storm, Op.76
  4. What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong – Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World (Official Video)





Educational (probably best for slightly older kids):

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