How the Rabbit got long ears…

Aaah it’s a goodie this week, as in our classes we’ll be hauling the bunny rabbit out of the ice, as we find out why she has such long ears and a short tail (and why she remains absolutely fabulous either way!). You can listen to our podcast version above, and here are a few ideas for follow on activities at home…


  • The lovely ‘five minute mum’ has a good idea here for a pre-schooler educational/play based learning activity on an Easter theme: 

Arts and crafts: 

Rabbit ears – 

Make yourself some rabbit ears! You could even have a go as some face painting* or make a bunny tail too!  *raiding makeup and drawing eyeliner whiskers/noses

Handprint bunnies: simple and messy!


Oooh, thanks Guardian Reader Recommends for doing some work for us on the whole ‘rabbit music’ front! Okay, not exactly a kids music playlist, but there’s a Spotify playlist you can link to from the article, always good to have a theme to boogie to at home..


 Mr Tumble sings Sleeping Bunnies: 

(a tune which is an absolute Beanstalk favourite…)


A great 5 minute BBC video showing an island full of rabbits! BUNNIES GALORE! For a slightly sinister reason because the island was used to make poison gas though… Erm, but there are a lot of cute bunnies…

Less poison gas references here (!) and more cute rabbits doing show jumping:



Mr Hoppit the Hare – Cosmic Kids Yoga

 (I’ve now reached the point I’m considering doing a Cosmic Yoga video even without the kids – normal yoga may now be ruined for me!)


Writing (probably best for slightly older kids):

Here’s a different story of why the bunny has long ears: – can you think of a completely different version? 

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