The Fox and the Star

The Fox and the Star…

Story written and illustrated by and our resources based on the work of Coralie Bickford-Smith. You can find out more about her and her beautiful work here:

This is a story about a Fox. Fox has one, particularly special, special friend. Star. Fox and Star do everything together. They feast on beetles, chase rabbits through the thicket and play and dance to the rain’s tapping beat together. Life is perfect until Fox wakes up one morning and cannot find Star! Star is lost. Fox is so lonely without Star. Will Star ever reappear?

Forest School 

Can you get outside at all today? If you can – you could try some of these forest-school inspired activities!

leaf rubbings  

Collect some leaves and use paper and crayons to make different patterns from the leaves. 

beetle soup, mud pies  

Don’t be afraid of getting too muddy! You could collect stones and mud and sticks and water and make yourself some nice beetle soup! Mmmmm beeeetles….


Dance to the Rain’s tapping beat with our friends at Hey Duggie


Good old Cosmic Kids take us on a Fox yoga adventure…

Arts and crafts:

Inspired by Coralie Bickford Smith’s beautiful illustrations, have a look at some of the pictures and have a go at simply sketching your own fox and star…

Here are some words and pictures  from the Author/Illustrator herself…


Can you make some leaf collages? Collect some leaves and try and make a picture. You could make a star! 

Origami Foxes and Stars



The Fox – Traditional Folk Song

You can listen and dance to Pete Seeger’s old folk tune, The Fox, telling the story of a cheeky fox out to find some dinner… Here is a lovely illustrated version on YouTube.

Foxes Playing

Foxes Documentary

All about foxes:

Star Gazing

You can download the amazing StarWalk app and have a go at looking at stars around you!

Or do some star gazing online…

Sequence the story

Can you try and retell the story with the help of your Beanstalk Colouring Sheet?

Retell story with puppets 

Why don’t you cut out your pictures and try to retell the story?

Lost! posters for Star

Draw a picture of the star. Write a description and where the star was last seen. Can you put your posters up somewhere?

Educational (probably best for slightly older kids):
Story Innovation

Can you write your own story with different characters?

What are your characters? What do your characters do together? Who gets lost? How does their friend feel? 

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