Brolga the Dancer

Brolga the Dancer

This Dreamtime myth is one of our favourite stories at Beanstalk. This beautiful and positive Dreamtime myth contains a message of strength and resilience which can inspire us all when things get tough. This is a glorious tale of a girl who only wanted to dance, and when faced with a huge change –  being transformed into a bird by a rotten wizard – she finds, with the love of her friends, the way to keep on dancing! 

We have a podcast version of this tale above, and here are a few ideas for activities inspired by both birds and Aboriginal culture…


Probably one for slightly older kids. Have a go at making some simple story stones. It’d be lovely to re-tell this story by making and then arranging Aboriginal story stones… 

Have some fun turning yourselves into birds using clothes pegs and bits of cloth – simple and fun! And do a bit of Brolga-inspired dancing…


If you’re on Spotify, we’ve found a few ‘songs about birds’ playlists to listen to while crafting, or have a good boogie to…  

One is at:

… but it doesn’t have Becky’s all-time favourite song about birds which is ‘Birds’ by Frida Hyvonen. Have a listen and let us know what you think…

Some great Aboriginal music:


Here is the real Brolga crane showing the dance it actually does!

A David Attenborough Australian animals playlist:


Here’s a collection of Dreamtime myths


DANCING! This story is such a celebration of dance, music and joy… why not have a kitchen/bathroom/any room disco?!

Beanstalk Arts not claiming any responsibility for this one – but Becky’s husband is known for teaching their girls the birdy song dance! Strong, 80s throwback… why not have a go … (2.5 minute video)

Educational (probably best for slightly older kids):

Lovely resources on Twinkl if you search for ‘Dreamtime’.

Also why not look at where Australia is on a map? Or have an explore with Google Earth? 

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