The Musicians of Bremen

The Musicians of Bremen - Story Ideas

After a joyful start to term climbing the beanstalk with Jack last week, we’re kicking off our musical storytelling this week tomorrow with a trip over to Germany! We’ll have the chance for animal noises galore with the chart-topping band (perhaps!), the Musicians of Bremen. There’s not much better than a bit of collective eeyoring on a lovely Autumn day! And actually, getting your little ones (and TBH, you grown ups too…) making funny animal noises in our call and response song, is also a sneaky way to introduce a bit more collective singing too! 

This week’s blog is to share a few ideas for activities inspired by this story, but first things first, if you fancy checking out the story before coming to a class, re-visiting it afterwards, or, if you’re further afield or can’t make a real life class, joining me on the podcast, here’s our Beanstalk Arts audio only version of the story:

This is the day to have a kitchen band! Get out all the pots and pans for drums, lids for cymbals, wooden spoons, colanders… let’s make some noise 😀
OR how about you get some of your favourite animal toys and can you imagine the sounds they would make if they sing? 

Arts and crafts: 
I LOVE a pair of animal ears, and with my girls we really enjoyed this super simple craft project.

Gotta be a bit of German traditional music!  , or if you’re looking for some kids music to lift you mood, it’s hard to beat the kids songs by the wonderful Nick Cope 

Aah, not the kindest to ears with this Pinkfong link, but, again, my kids will love it even if I don’t… 

Here’s a video with lots of images of Bremen itself – it looks lovely!

The muppet musicians of Bremen! Horribly low res…but it’s the muppets! 

The Storynory version can be found to read here or you could make up today’s reading corner with books about donkeys, roosters, cats, dogs and robbers? 

A little spurious in the link (doh!), but the animals are happily playing and singing at the end, so why not do a yoga disco with the always great Cosmic Yoga.

Educational (probably best for slightly older kids):
Where is Bremen? Can you find it on a map? 
Here’s a Musicians of Bremen crossword to try.

Here’s a video version of the story! This was a livestream in the February 2021 UK lockdown! 

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